Friday, December 07, 2007

Check it out....

I have nothing to write here but check out my blog entry at Mavens of the Pen, It's a fun one.


Thursday, December 06, 2007

2007 Goals Revisited

I'll take this moment to revisit my 2007 goals and evaluate how I did for the year.

Completing one or two full manuscripts

I'm almost done with Can't Help But Love You, the one I've been working on for months and months and did start another one, Can't Get Enough, at the beginning of the year. They both should definitely be completed in 2008.

Find an agent

I don't feel comfortable making queries until I've completed something. I have to prove to myself that I can finish.

Participate in writing contests

I entered Can't Help But Love You in to VRW's Fool for Love First Chapter Contest and came in second place. First time entrant, first time finalist! Hot damn!!

Educate myself on marketing and promotional tactics

With the help of my critique partner, Denise, and the ladies in Mavens, I been receiving little nuggets of wisdom but having fully researched the tactics.

Renew my membership to RWA and Virginia Writing Group

Done. I'm a member of both.

Submit my finished manuscript to publishers

I've gotta finish the darn things!

Buy a laptop or Alphasmart (Dana)

My youngest brother, Michael, who is deployed in Iraq but will be home for Christmas, purchased a Dell laptop for me and my daughter (she insists that it's her birthday and Christmas present) and had it delivered this week. We are truly excited and grateful! Now I can type away from home and take a break from my office desk and the Internet. She wants me to get a wireless router for the house but I think that'll defeat my purposes.

I'll set 2008 by the end of the month.