Wednesday, September 03, 2008

The Summer is OVER!

The summer of 2008 is unofficially over with the passing of Labor Day and I'm both happy and disappointed.

I'm happy because that means the schools reopen and my daughter can get off the couch, out of my refrigerator and get back to the books. I was a bad mommy this summer because I gave in to her plea to do absolutely nothing all summer. No summer camp, no dance camp, no math review workbooks, no eighth grade prep books, no nothing! She got to be lazy all summer and capped it off with a 5-day cruise to the Caribbean just before school started. She came back looking like a crispy critter!

I'm disappointed because I used the eventful days of my summer as an excuse to do hardly any writing. OK, no writing. Instead of writing about romance, I experienced some romance of my own. The details are too precious to post in cyberspace. Let's just say that the fall and winter are looking to be very toasty indeed.

It's good to be able to kick back and bask in the admiration of someone who's genuinely interested in you on so many levels. To be able to laugh at someone's corny jokes, to flirt outrageously via text messages, to cook for someone other than the kid who only wants chicken nuggets and french fries, and to be excited about the prospect of every phone call and the mysteries of the future.

Now, it's time for me to put my nose to the grindstone and get back to work. Yeah, I know. You've heard it before, but I'm serious this time. Of course, I'm not gonna pressure myself to compete with anyone else's goals or achievements which I think was at the root of why my creativity had been stifled. I'm just gonna relax and fun. Write when I feel good and have the energy and take care of my health when I don't.

How was your summer?