Monday, October 22, 2007

Remembering Quinton and Nola

In light of the sudden death of Hunter Tylo's (The Bold and the Beautiful) nineteen-year-old son, Mickey, on Thursday, I was reminded of one of my favorite soap opera couples. Mickey's father is Michael Tylo, Sr. one half of one of the greatest "Guiding Light" couples (besides Josh and Reva), Quinton McCord Chamberlain and Nola Reardon.

Back in the mid-80s as a teenager I was glued to the screen in the afternoons watching the developing romance between Quint and Nola (Lisa Brown) and was hooked on the genre of romance forever more. Quint looking dashing in his trademark ascot and sending smoldering looks at Nola. Nola the quirky Irish daughter with her fascination for the mysterious, debounaire boss.

When I read early editions of Harlequin romance where the wealthy boss was the quinessential hero, Quint was always the image in my head. An archealogist, he was Indiana Jones before Harrison Ford made the character his own. It's funny, we could always tell when you were seeing the real man Quint whenever his ascot was off. Hubba-hubba! Remember those heartwrenching moments when Nola was in a coma and Quint admitted he loved her while as her bedside. I was never more pleased than when Quint and Nola got married on June 24, 1983.

What a day! And the adventures continued until they left the show in 1985. Their characters made a reappearance in 1996 but it just wasn't the same.
For a walk down memory lane, check out this site: I found this site and was catapulted into the past.
My prayers go out to the Tylo family.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Self-Affirmation for the Writer in You

I found these wonderful affirmations by Shad Helmstetter, author of "The Self-Talk Solution," on the web today. Get your printers ready!

* Every day, in every way, I’m getting better and better.

* I like and respect myself. I know I am a worthy, capable and valuable person.

* I guide my own destiny, and I’m accountable for the results of my decisions and actions. I reinforce my successes and correct for errors.

* I easily anticipate and experience events in my imagination before they actually happen.

* I am my own expert, and I am not affected by the negative attitudes and opinions of others.

* I easily balance the needs of my family with my own need to write.

* Creativity flows through me easily and effortlessly.

* I am a talented writer.

* I have a positive expectancy of big success, and I take temporary setbacks easily.

* I am a creative person and develop my plots with confidence and imagination.

* Images and words come easily when I sit down to write.

* I have unlimited potential; I have unlimited creativity.

* I happily accept the joys and responsibilities of being published and welcome success.

* I write daily with excitement, enthusiasm, and confidence.

* I am well-organized and have a vivid picture of my goals.

* I don’t wait for inspiration. Work inspires inspiration. If I succeed, I keep working. If I fail, I keep working. Whether I feel interested or bored, energized or tired, encouraged or discouraged, I keep working.

* I have the craftsmanship and creativity to successfully finish this book.

More self-affirmations from Shad Helmstetter:
* I have talents and skills and abilities. I even have talents and skills that I don’t know about yet. And I am discovering new talents inside myself all the time.

* I invest my time and energies where I choose. My time and energy are gifts which I guard and give by my choice - - but never by the demands, dictates, or the expectations of others.

* I am a winner. I am absolutely determined to achieve my aims. I am steadfast and persistent in the pursuit of my goals, and I will not give up.

* Each day my confidence in my self-expression grows stronger and even more positive. I express myself easily, without fear or uncertainty.

* Each day I consciously remove from my mind the imaginary bindings of self-doubt and the unnecessary limitations of uncertainty and fear.

* I am never afraid to try.

* I was not created to fail; I was created to succeed. Success is a part of who I am and a part of everything about me.

Pretty good, huh?