Monday, June 30, 2008

Peaking Out of the Rabbit Hole

Once again, I've fallen off the writing radar because of life's interruptions and all-around doldrums and just wanted to take a moment and poke my head out of the rabbit hole.

How's it going out there in the romance publishing world? Several of my friends have finished manuscripts and gotten publishing contracts and even seen their first debuts. To say that I'm not envious would be a lie, but I have no one to blame but myself. Now don't think this post is about beating myself up! I'm simply taking stock as I do every three months of so and being pragmatic about my efforts, or lack thereof.

The good news: it's summer time.

While she's out of town visiting her dad, I get a break from running back and forth, transporting my daughter to school and weekend activities. I can stay up all night (when I'm the most productive) working on my stories and doing critiques and then sleep late in the mornings. With me eating at odd times, maybe I can lose the weight I need to get into that bathing suit this summer. Of course, I want to take a much needed vacation somewhere. After the year I've had so far (thank goodness mom and dad are both recovering well), I need it.

So don't fret, y'all! I'm still alive and kickin'!